JSC "AKSM Group"

                                              International cargo transportation


JSC "AKSM Group" main activity - international cargo transportation by land across all European Union countries. All cargo are insured up to 1 000 000 € under requirements of CMR conventions. Our professional team  prepare the optimal route for your cargo to ensure the best available price.

Cargo being transported:

  • fresh and frozen products;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • perishable foodstuffs;
  • CAT3 category petfood;
  • dry goods. 


  • up to 4 years old;
  • conform to requirements of EURO 6 certificates;
  • provided with modern transport control equipment; 
  • MAN and VOLVO trucks with newest safety systems.

Refrigerated semi-trailers:

  • internal dimensions: 13.40 m x 2.65 m x 2.48 m;
  • ATP (FRC) certificate (allows to transport perishable foodstuffs across international boundary);
  • temperature range from -25 °C to +25 °C;
  • temperature data loggers are mounted and available at any time; 
  • 33 Euro pallet capacity;
  • doubledeck trailers;
  • trailers for flowers;
  • maximum loaded weight of 23 500 kg.